2pac's Movie All Eyez On Me Fails on so many levels


Before I go into detail about All Eyz on Me, let me give you a little back story on how much of an impact 2pac aka Tupac Shakur had on my life.

On September 13th 1996 at 4:03pm, I was waiting in the parking lot of my brothers high school (El Cerrito High) picking him up, when it came on the radio that 2pac

2pac has died from being fatally shot in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas on September 7th 1996. As my brother was walking towards my car, I got out, and

told him that 2pac died. We both became froze in the moment of finding out about his death. We then told the other sutdents that passed by us and it quickly spread

and all of us driving and parked stood in utter silence. One of the greatest MC's has died, and it hurt us even though we didn't know him personally, we

felt his impact by his talent that he was one of us, because he was. His passing gashed a hole in my heart.

June 16th 2017 writers Jeremy Haft, Eddie Gonzalez and Steven Bagatourian wrote and director Benny Boom gave us a 2pac biopic titled All Eyez on Me.

If you dont want to be spoiled, please do not read this going forward.

This movie failed to deliver on so many levels for so many reasons.

The pacing of the movie so incredibly scattered, and inconsistent. If those of us who studied 2pac's life, and his career, weve seen the this movies dynamic

unfold in documentaries over the years since 2pac has passed away. There was nothing to the imagination and nothing new in terms of back story information

that would have been nice to watch. Instead we have sloppy writing, and poor execution of the timeline in the movie, that it became impossible to watch.

Demetrius Shipp Jr. who portrayed 2pac, did an amazing job in his role despite the lackluster writing and poor execution of a structured story.

The story does not give us something more in terms of a back story to an already public figure, but instead TRUE 2pac fans became turned off by the lazy writing

and bland interpretation of one of the greatest public figures in our lifetime. The film goes from New York to Baltimore to the bay area to Deathrow in a very

poor way. The transition in parts of his life never gave us who 2pac really was. Instead give us moments already captured on Youtube, MTV, and documentaries.

What happened to explaining his bayarea relationships with some of the biggest musicians who impacted his life and career besides Digital Underground. Where

was spice 1, Richie Rich, E40 and others? Why was his thoughts on being in a movie with Janet Jackson not explored? What happened to exploring his THUGLIFE album, and

his relationships with his Thuglife family, and even his relationships with Tha Outlawz? What happens to explaining his desire to leave Deathrow Records

and why he wanted to change his stage name to Makaveli? Where was his and why was his work ethic not explained in detail? 2pac as we all know, has a passion to stay in the studio

and put in the kind of work that has yet been equaled in the studio. Where was some of the reasons for his music not explained?

Why did they end the movie with the shooting in Vegas? So many questions, and not answers, and it made a depressing display of 2pac's legacy.

I understand from a moderate 2pac supporter, you will come away thinking it was a pretty good movie....but as an advanced 2pac fan and supporter, I came away

very disappointed, and lost by the lack of direction this movie took.