The movement of Karian Sang is World Wide

Karian is a R&B/Dancehall/Hip-Hop artist from Kingston, JA. She has won numerous WRCMA Awards & performed all over world in countries such as Switzerland, Mexico, and Canada. Her first single “So Insane” was added to Top 40 radio stations across Canada. In 2010, her second single “Ma Jam” was also added to radio and TV (Much Music/Much Vibe). Her collaboration with (We The Best Recordsrecording artist) Mavado called "Take It" by being the first song from artists of the Caribbean to be premiered on Billboard & nominated for video of the year at the M.O.B Awards. She was the lead actress in the film "Destiny" playing the role of "Lisa Pullen", which also stars Christopher Martin. Karian is scheduled to release a new album in 2016.
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