Nexxlegacy Radio is in FULL Support of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States

In the first instance, my endorsement was about what the american people needs. Hillary Clinton is, without a doubt, one of the toughest, and most experienced candidates to ever run for president. It's important to let the people know the person she's running against is one of the worst republican candidates to ever run for president.

As I watched the last Presidential debate, I appreciated Mrs. Clinton's availability to discuss the facts given what we have seen of Donald Trump and his disgusting behavior and his demeaning attitude toward women. I find it difficult to deal with his demeanor. 
My 14 year old daughter is supporting for Hillary Clinton and I pay full attention to my daughter, and that alone I'd vote for Clinton.
When the 90 minute debate ended, I came away more convinced than ever that Hillary Clinton has to become our first EVER female president.

Go Vote......our children's lives depend on it.