It's Diirty Season all decade long. 

The highly anticipated release of the Diirty OGz album titled We Got Now and Next will reintroduce the rap culture in more ways than one. 4 Diirty OGz (Kurupt aka Skid Row, Big Tray Dee aka Diirty Red, Tha Chill , & Weazel Loc United to create We got Now and Next, and honestly that is what they created.
This album being released on October 28th on itunes - Amazon is one of the greatest albums to come out, and it gives you that Diirty Vibe like NWA's Straight Outta Compton and Ice Cube's Kill At Will. Kokane's contribution to this project is acknowledged and appreciated with his timely features on this Diirty Campaign.
Many of albums have come out and became relevant to the HipHop culture, but this album by the Diirty's is more important than ever because this album gives you reality of life and music life, and that is what has been missing in the hiphop culture for well over 2 decades.

1) intro
The intro alone gives you a feeling like the late 80's and 90's with just a tour of gangsta verbiage, and despite where you come from, somebody in your family dealt with gunshots, loud madness and chaos.
2) Rotate – This album is a power track to lace up the Diirty Campaign because each Diirty member came with their individual style and flow, and it made the first song off this track come to life, and each dude had the matching flow to compliment each other. You can tell right out of the gates, they were cool before they turned this movement into a business venture. Real Presidential to kick start the album.
3) Tha Hangout – This is getting some play and respect in the hoods, and suburbs because it simply SLAPS....Tray Dee's beginning to this track sets it off, this is in your face with real vibe and a Diirty sound, and one of the trendsetters on this project.
4) RhyDahz - Is a vibe that needs to played more than once in your ride, Amazed and because it’s a feel like we haven't witnessed since the classic days of the Westside Connection, just pure raw Diirty Shit.
5) Ghost Ride – Song is Diirty for the simple fact that its slowed down, and just pure Gangsta with impeccable flows for all Diirty members. A Repeatable track and so far this album continues to amaze me because there is no let down on this project.
6) On Me – From the lil Diirty OG on the the flows of the members, this needs a visual because this type of vibe takes me back to the 90's. Again all members are more than solid as a unit, and impressive throughout.
7) Da Licc – Currently video aka the Diirty Visual is out, and as we dive into this project it continues to get better and better, and the placement on these tracks are solid and important to the project aka the Diirty Campaign. This is one of the favorites.
8) & 9) - Definition of a Real Intro and track – From the real game spit in the intro to the flow from the Diirty's this is a repeatable track with incredible flows. Production on this a stand out also. One of the best intro and tracks I've heard in a long time.
10) Bang Bang – No fillers on this track and it continues to get Real... WC is lit, and it got even Diirtier with an incredible westside vibe. This is next level solid. Flows Diirty, and its super repeatable.
11) Background Skit – When you hear it....Diirty women out there will know the difference between real....and fake women. Classic conversation and we all witnessed the convo like this in our lifetime.
12) Background – When you See ^ above, you know what I mean. This is needed because theres too many clean women, we need Diirty women who can handle business, and this track is for them. Classic.
13) Diirty OGz – This is another level track, and it gives off a classic vibe. CLASSIC
14) ProtocolA hot slap for the hoods and the vibe once again is tremendous and for the ones who haven't witnessed a music vibe like this before, you should thank them Diirty's for this track right here.
15) G Code – This brought me back again to a time in my life when music made sense, and delivered a true project, repeatable and beyond Diirty.
16) For You – This is live, and so westcoast. But also I know other walks of life is gonna vibe to it because you can hear the talent, but also this track has the heart. A Super hero shoutout plug from them Diirty's
17) California Classic – This has been in your speakers for a while now, and shout out to Kokane for this also, this introduced us to the beginning of this project. This was a memorable track aka a Diirty Summer

Overall – 9.4/10
This album has no fillers, from Top to bottom this is beyond enjoyable, and important that the listeners support this album because this is one of the rare original projects to come out in the last decade. This album from the Diirty OGz brings out the best in hiphop, the best in the westcoast, the best over the globe. Kokane's impact on this project is felt throughout the project and features are commended and gave us that Diirty flavor the game needs. This is right in the middle of NWA's Straight outta Compton and Ice Cube's Kill at Will. It makes you miss how the culture was back then and with this release, I salute the Diirty OGz for giving us hiphop/gangsta shit back to its roots.


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