Nexxlegacy Radio extends its thanks to Perri Pebbles Reid

The appreciation from one person to others is and should always be on full display, because we are on this earth to build each other to help each other grow and become somebody better as the years evolve. As I express my loyalty, love and appreciation for Perri Pebbles Reid, prior to interacting with Pebbles I only knew Perri through her God given talents as a singer, songwriter , artist developer, and was blessed to interview her in 2011. Since then Perri has been a solid supporter of my journalistic dreams, and has appeared multiple times on Nexxlegacy Radio appearing on my 5th year anniversary broadcast. Pebbles has been extremely approachable and encouraging, and very consistent, and it has been a long time coming for me, and others like myself to express my appreciation, basically by saying; THANK YOU. Thank you Perri for the music you have created, the artists that you have developed and turned into legendary superstars and I can appreciate the effort you have made towards helping others, and I am a witness firsthand at your kindness and generosity, you have displayed over the years. For me its simple, my career has blossomed with Radio, and work writing for Pixar, and as an activist helping children in my hometown Oakland California, and I was able to do so much more, and become so much more, because of Perri Pebbles Reid. And with that I am eternally grateful for you and the legacy you have created.

With love and appreciation
Charles Edward Madison