Muhammad Ali Passes away at the age of 74

Muhammad Ali passing away today.....  losing people you have known through various channels of life is all too filmilar in the last copule years. My heart goes out to his familiy and friends, and most of us that knew him through his talent as a boxer, and even before his career, who appreciated his stand on civil liberties. Ali aka Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. is a life changer because he was REAL...his beliefs were real....his passion was real, he is one of a kind. ‪#‎RestInPeace‬
‪#‎MuhammadAli‬ and his me sad like I knew him... I guess in a since we all did to a point, because he stood firm for what he believed in, and never once backed down in victory, and in defeat. I look at the state of the world, and it scares me because you look at what Ali did. He did as much as he could for the betterment of not just himself, but for others. He was as pro revolution as pro revolution will ever get. I'm saddened because as much as we all throw out our REST IN will go right back and film children fighting in your neighborhoods, selfies with all body parts exposed, nothing to impact yourself and others. If you cant get motivated by what Muhammad Ali did for are as misguided as ever. We lost so many, personal people, family, entertainers etc...and as the world can be next. What can you do to impact others before you die? You can be quick to call someone a legend, but stand by and do nothing to motivate yourself to reach for legendary status....Ali started out as a regular man....but a man with a belief and vision for himself and others. What you do in honor of him.....will have to paid back 10 fold. There will never be another Muhammad Ali