DoubleXXposure CELEBRATES 46 YEARS Hosted by The Legendary Songstress, Ms. Dionne Warwick


Dear Media Colleagues and Friends,

In the midst of celebrating an incredible 46 years in the entertainment industry as
 founder and CEO DoubleXXposure Media, I am grateful for the support I have thus far received from my press community, my clients, and friends. In an act of giving back, I have been hosting a complimentary series of relaxing spa days throughout the month of February, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, at the elegantly appointed salon "Posh by Lanchandra. After a successful kickoff, we enjoyed an enthusiastic response from guests who came for the pampering sessions that includes hair and facial services, as well as celebrity appearances, and the flowing food and drinks. We continue on Saturday, February 20th with the Legendary Grammy Award winning performer Dionne Warwick hosting.  

There will be a lite brunch from 11AM-1PM with the cockt  ails flowing plentifully all courtesy of Bleu Royal Spirits-and with their innovative tequila-rum beverage, it is sure to keep the celebrators toasting. Ms. Warwick will be meeting with the press from 12PM to 4PM. As the festivities conclude on Saturday February 27th, other notable stars are anticipated to attend. 
We welcome you to also come and join us at "Posh by Lanchandra" located in Queens, beginning at 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM, at 247-22F South Conduit Avenue, Rosedale, New York 11422. 718-528-2576 ( *Please indicate whether pickup and return transportation to the location is desired and reserve your appointment only for the specified times and dates mentioned. 

*Note that DoubleXXposure also plans to give back in another special way. On one of those days, we will extend service to honor men and women who are in need. As a native son of Newark-a city deprived for so long of its full glory-I see how the entire region is in need of uplifting. As we gather to help salute the firm's milestone, we add the act of celebrating new possibilities for people who otherwise face the impossible. Having worked with a wide array of clientele ranging from Michael Jackson and Mary J. Blige to Lionel Richie, I wish to bring the same dedication used to help stars and legends prepare for success to those needing a hand up. We are taking this valuable resource to the transitional shelters in our area to embolden those individuals in crisis. This is the kind of giving back where everyone has a chance at greatness. While we have worked with some of the world's greatest achievers, it is time to apply a broad stroke of motivation to cover all those deserving a second chance at winning in life.

By this, we seek to counter the challenges some face with an inside-out treatment-preparing them physically, mentally, and professionally. Added to the day's services will be hands-on guidance on how to enter the workforce with a respectable appearance and approach, with the right tools including resume/bios/speech/mannerism workshops, alongside personal stylization, and hair and clothes presentation assistance. This gives them preparation in addition to some much needed pampering.

As many of you know, I have a long history as an advocate in my community-most notably pushing for awareness about the spread of AIDS and HIV. Despite the media's claims of a cure or something near one, I continue to fight for vigilant practice of safe sex because that battle is far from won. I state this because this epidemic runs in tandem with the poverty and racism that keeps these we are seeking to help locked out of progress, and in those shelters. We plan to service participants from area programs such as CAMBA and others who provide emergency and transitional housing to the homeless or those at risk, ones living with HIV/AIDS; and others trying to become self-sufficient. That is why I am emphasizing that this simple step-a day of empowering them with more than just a makeover will open new doors in life.

*Note this is a special day reserved for the community give back, however if you are attending another day as a reserved guest, I ask that you please make your gift selection and email your appointment request to

Also, feel free to bring a friend to enjoy the elegant settings and superior services; however please note that the "gift" selections are per invited and RSVP'd guest only.
I have extended invites to my many celebrity colleagues-from musicians, dancers, authors, popular reality stars, and radio personalities, and included welcomes to my legendary friends. So won't you join me in celebrating this momentous occasion? Let us bring fashion, style, and information together with our media community-beautifully! Yet while we do, let us also show some special others how much we care and believe in their own new possibilities.

From book contracts and a life-story deal at 20th Century Fox, to working with world-renowned superstars, and the fabulous press community, I have enjoyed 46 years of magic. I look forward to many more serving alongside all of you, as we continue our trajectory of success into the New Year and beyond.

Warmest regards,
Angelo Ellerbee
DoubleXXposure Media Relations

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DoubleXXposure's 46th Anniversary
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