Aisling Peartree - Album Under Review

It's been a handful of years since I've come in contact with Aisling (Pronounced) Ashleen Peartree via social media site Reverbnation <<(Click to view) I have become a fan of her style, presence, and grace, as an artist, and person aka child of God.....her new self-titled album. Aisling Pronounced Ashleen Peartree 
has a sound unlike no other, and the vision of this beautiful masterpiece will forever become embedded in the ears, and hearts of everyone who comes into contact with her musical presence. I've never tried to compare artists with others because each individual has their own God given talent. Ms. Peartree's vocals contain a soulful presence of  a Mahalia Jackson, Etta James, and maybe a few others, but Aisling's sound transcends time, but also unifies a new sound with it blending into the modern age of music, and thus began her massive shot at her debut self titled album.
1) End of Story
Embodies all of what I mentioned with a song for the ages, timeless sounds, and the vocals that stir up the soul with a retro kind of feel, but again....modern for all ages to appreciate.
2) Should Have Believed in You
Emotional heart felt song that if you have ever been embraced in a relationship, and the sands in the hour glass is slipping away.....this song is THAT blueprint.
3) Last Time
So powerful, modern sounds of vocal aggression with a powerful message of self love and respect. Asking why are you crying....quit your wining....
4) Got Me Stuck
One of my favorites off this amazing album and this is another emotional input from this album that displays relate able sounds of relationship roller coaster rides taken in life, and this was beautifully arranged in a masterpiece 
5) Breathe
Became an important part of this album, properly placed on this album based on its soulful lyrics and messages, displayed throughout the song.
6) Finally: Eventually
Became a repeatable song, because of its sound, and vocal arrangement. Not enough words to describe this song and its meaning, simply amazing work
7) The Freedom Song
This song is Aisling's personality on display based on her passion for life and getting positive messages across thru song. You can feel pure emotion for the words being sung, and its an amazing sound coming from a great artist on the rise.
8) Slow
Another powerful song from this artist displaying a style so far ahead of her time early on. This is a passionate message of emotional stability or its attempts to obtain it thru relationships.....simply flawless on delivery
9) Catch me Lord feat. Shalom
Strong, powerful, emotional connection of belief, courage, and the power of music is displayed in this message of uplifting
10) For The Hood feat. Shalom
Captures a message for those who embrace honest lyrics and sounds from great artists. Another emotional letter to those who embrace pure music at its finest
11) Trayvon feat. Shalom
The name Trayvon will be embedded in the hearts of those who watched the story unfold. This song embraces it completely. Emotional

Overall, some people will go 5 of 5 mics or something to get the consumers to purchase the album. Thats a salesman, and I'm not promoting that. The album should be supported, and purchased because its a DAMN GOOD ALBUM with a ton of emotion, passion, heart, and courage to have a voice unlike the current state of mainstream music. Aisling pronounced Ashleen and her team completed an outstanding project, and its worth the purchase twice or 3 times.
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