Music Mogul and Author Mathew Knowles , REVEALS The DNA of Achievers

It is no secret that before Mathew Knowles was a Grammy Award-winning executive producer, he was Xerox's top sales executive, worldwide. Also not hidden from the mainstream are rumors about his keen marksmanship when it comes to helping artists hit targets of success. He has strategized superstar careers-not just for himself, but also for what appears to be his entire bloodline and other top acts. After more than 23 years of music moguling, what is newly worthy of the media's attention is his explosive new publication, "The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals" (Music World Publishing, 2015). The book is an Amazon #1 best-seller even before its official release. Why such an early fervor? Many come compelled by the book's description: the 10 traits of successful people (Passion, Work Ethics, Vision, Risk-Takers, Team Building, 
Talk-To-Do Ratio, Planning, Learning from Failure, Giving Back, and Thinking Outside the Box), and curious about the experiences of Mathew Knowles and others.
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ar self-help industry, the information shared by the achievers highlighted should answer them. Starting with Knowles' own 
from his days with Xerox,leading over 250 marketing and sales seminars,to his impact felt around the globe through 
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c icons, and top catalog compilations.
Under his leadership, his 
company Music World Entertainment grew into one of the world's leading conglomerates, with record sales exceeding 300 million.
There is also the human-interest appeal to grab readers: Knowles shares a journey that starts in Gadsden, Alabama with parents who were entrepreneurs from the 1960's, who instilled the enterprising work ethic he has made legendary. He also walks you through intelligent discussions on the impact of poverty and racism, on into what tools he has used to overcome. His authority on the subject of success 
becomes clear after a while, and the final question becomes how much of what is highlighted in the book will rub off on the reader. What they will find is information designed for anyone looking to reach previously untouched heights.
Music comers are certainly going to wonder if Knowles will dispense any 
rticular gems from his double-decade 
plus knowledge bank, and they will not be disappointed. The title of the book might appear to hint that success is indeed a trait woven into the genetic make-up of some high achievers, giving them a predisposed edge. For anyone trying to find a way to get their own shot at excellence, Knowles' book helps to breakdown the traits,and points out how to integrate them into your life.  He dispels the myth that you have to own your own business to be termed an entrepreneur, rather he explains, "An entrepreneur is really a headset-it's a belief. So even as an employee I felt I was an entrepreneur in my approach, more so than a salesperson."  Although such a visionary appears fueled by pure determination, Knowles is quick to point out that the electrifying element that ignites him is something more, stating, "The beginning of this DNA, the root of being an achiever is based on passion." 
"The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals"is itself a passionately rendered,blueprint for hitting the high notes of success in any industry. The worldwide release happens October 15, 2015, (*with additional phase II presales opportunities coming in the interim). Meanwhile anxious readers can take away this inspirational nugget from Knowles about the primordial ingredient to it all:"The beginning of being an achiever is solely based on one's passion, because it starts right there. You can have all the other traits-in fact, they don't work without it. My philosophy is..."If you live in passion, you never work another day in your life."  To self-help readers curious about if what he will deliver is another trick, mastered by the clever; or if the methods of unraveling the DNA of the entrepreneurial mind offer the ultimate keys to self-empowerment, Knowles says the answer is quite simple-"Read the book!"
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Mathew Knowles is the founder, President and CEO of Music World Entertainment (MWE), Its worldwide platforms include successful record label ventures; management services for recording artists and producers; artist development services; endorsement and partnership deals, performance and event facilities; a master catalog series; film and television ventures; licensed merchandise products; philanthropic work; and investment and property holdings. Knowles holds several recording imprints under Music World Music, including Music World Gospel, Music World Kids, and Music World Country/Compadre. A graduate of Fisk University, with a BA in Economics and a BS degree in Business Administration and MBA from Cornerstone Christian Bible College , holds a professorship at Texas Southern University, and is a popular keynote speaker/lecturer throughout the country and abroad. More at