International Music Legend, Dionne Warwick partners with her Brazilian Daughter-in-Law to Launch Healthy Gal Active Wear

International Music Legend, Dionne Warwick partners with her Brazilian Daughter-in-Law to Launch Healthy Gal Active Wear

The right clothes can magically empower women. When a woman dresses in something that makes her look good, she automatically feels good. Healthy Gal Active Wear does just that! Conceived by fitness expert/trainer Luana Elliott, co-founded by music legend Dionne Warwick, and manufactured by Body Construction; Healthy Gal Active Wear is just what women today have been asking for. Produced from high quality materials imported from Brazil, the entire line is custom designed for comfort, sensuality, and high endurance.  Luana recognizes the many challenges women face in their daily lives, and although she does not have the ability to fix every issue they face, she is dedicated to helping them feel good about themselves through her clothing design.

Brazilian born Luana Elliott, a Certified Fitness Trainer, knows what women want; while former Reagan administration Ambassador of Health,UN Global Ambassador,entertainment/design mogul Dionne Warwick knows how to connect with them. Together, using rare and high quality textiles and creative fashion, they have created a line that aims to help women look and feel good as they work, play, and exercise.   The intergenerational pair launched the women's sport wear line to satisfy the needs of American women who, like Brazilians, need to support, shape,and compliment the fullness of their "bass" (booty, ass, derrière, backside, behind, posterior, buttocks, bottom, bum, buns, butt, caboose, fanny, heinie, rear-end, rump, tail,tush).

The Healthy Gal line uniquely benefits from the use of raw materials like Brazilian Supplex-a popular fitness apparel fabric that is otherwise in short supply to the US consumer. Under the company name of Body Construction,Healthy Gal Active Wear will be available everywhere women's sports outfits are sold, as well as on their user-friendly website, where BE FLAWLESS is the company mantra.With the athletic apparel market increasing annually, according to statistics; the multi-national, multi-generational, multi-talented purpose-driven team of Luana and Dionne will command their share-to the fashion, form, and function benefit of women worldwide. The right clothes can magically empower women. When they dress in something that makes them look good, they automatically feel good and Healthy Gal Active Wear does just that!

Dionne Warwick legendary chart-topping performer and humanitarian activist,
Warwick became both a United Nations Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization and a United States Ambassador of Health, in addition to her renowned work with the AIDS awareness movement.

Luana Elliott is a Brazilian born entrepreneur who began her career in competitive fitness and later as a certified fitness trainer, consultant, and fashion designer in 2011 after relocating to America. She has built a steadily growing list of clientele with her company 
Body Construction,which offers a widely expanding active wear line.