We should all embrace Eazy E's legacy

Eazy E.
Who remembers March 26th 1995? Well, if your a hiphop fanatic, historian or whatever you call yourself...its a day we should never forget. That day we lost one of our brothers in hiphop, and pioneer Eric Eazy E Wright to Aids. The shock of it resonated throughout the industry, and it took us down a road of self reflection, and made us realize we are not only human, but also we are vulnerable to death before life in a sense.  With Eazy E's death, there should have been more life to hiphop because Eric Wright, with the help of his N.W.A brothers, and also Jerry Heller, should have ushered in a responsibility to embrace our fallen comrades. Eazy's death stung hiphop, and how long did it last to some of you people who swore by hiphop, and all its creative glory??
Eazy E's presence in hiphop is non existent in a community that Eric help usher since he took a small dream with his comrades, and gave the world a front row seat into the everyday life of Compton California and other cities. We related to where Eric came from because we witnessed it in our city. We as a community didn't know how to express it, because its like we waited for Eazy E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren, D.J Yella and others to help paint a picture for us. Hiphop in 2014 and decades prior to that missed out on showing that support for a fallen icon like Eric Wright. Hiphop is a special fraternity where we embrace culture, support our ideas, and call out our misgivings, and we are lacking that severely in our sanctuary called HipHop. If you find my opinions false, let me ask you this question. When has there been a NATIONAL response to Eric's legacy on his date of birth or the date of his death? Eazy E has left us in 1995 and as a hiphop culture we have ignored his legacy. If your a young aspiring MC and your spitting lyrics about "THAT LIFE"...and your talking about what is going on in the hood, your block, your back yard...you should thank Eazy, and N.W.A for that, because it was done when none of us had the voice to express ourselves. If your established, and an MC who witnessed N.W.A and the groups effort, and also the work it took behind the scenes, shame on you for not giving enough, expressing enough and educating enough of our young artists about the legacy of Eric Wright.
We are a smart digital aged group where we can be self sufficient and find out about Eazy E's legacy....but its better for the O.G's to express it, teach it, breathe it, live it. Having a since of empowerment in our lives is important, and also whats important is being able to teach others. Eazy cant benefit from social media, but we can help his legacy, continue on with the pride he displayed when he was on earth, and his impact after his death 19 years ago.

Embrace the legacy of Eazy E, because what your doing now....Eazy did it better..... because he did it first.

Charles "iamBranded" Madison