Radio supports healing song by local Ferguson Missouri music producer

Hip-Hop Artist- Seneca Da Product
 Weighs In On His Hometown's Tragedy with Music and Memories From The Heart

(New York, NY).........Hip-hop producer/artist Seneca Da Product, with a life time connection to the city of Ferguson, is deeply saddened by what's taking place so close to home and has channeled his grieving into a musical expression.  They say that "music has charms that soothe the savage beast," and it's Seneca's hope that his song, "Teddy Bears," will help soothe some of Ferguson's pain and unrest following the murder by a police officer of 18-year-old Mike Brown. A lyric in his slow, mournful song says "Tie a teddy on the telephone pole, to honor not only Michael Brown, but all those we lost."  Teddy bears, sneakers, posters, flowers and the like have long been a neighborhood way of honoring the fallen in a public manner.

Michael Brown crossed paths with Seneca quite often in Ferguson, Outside of his brothers stores while the rapper was handing out promo items, shooting videos or just hanging out.  Seneca would occasionally share some career and life pointers with the enthusiastic young Mike and his friends.  Locally known as a "gentle giant," Michael Brown was an amateur rapper, under the hip-hop moniker of "Big Mike."

Seneca moved away from St. Louis and his W. Florissant Street ties some time ago, but stayed in touch and aware through various friends and family.  He's closely watching, as is the entire world, the dire circumstances that are unfolding in this Midwestern town that few even knew was on the Missouri map until the fateful day that  Michael Brown Jr. lost his life there. 

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