SUNDAY Night's Radio Guest on BRANDEDafterDARK is Dave Tolliver of MENatLARGE

Join us Sunday 8pm pst./11pm est. With guest Dave Tolliver of the well respected group MENatLARGE
Dave Tolliver, known for his unmatched wit and talent on the microphone of WZAK 93.1fm “Phat Friday.” Happens to also be one of the most talented singers/song writers to ever record an album and rock the stage. After a number of years, the other half of this group decided to leave for the church and Dave Tolliver was left to decide the fate of a chart topping phenomena. While considering a solo project. Dave Tolliver found another member who could fill in the shoes and fit the criteria of a Men @ Large. Soon it was back in the studio to complete another album and give the fans what they wanted. Now Dave Tolliver, fresh of the success of the latest Men @ Large album, is finishing up what he wanted to do for years…his first solo album. Fans across the globe anxiously anticipate this project because of all the latest rumors seen on the internet and heard in the streets. Some have said this album will answer many questions concerning Dave Tolliver’s relationship with Gerald Levert and Jason Champion (former member of Men @ Large); his former Cleveland based record company and the many people who have passed his way. Others are saying that the cameos of his albums are enough for them to impatiently wait.
The Link to the station is HERE and call in number (949) 270-5912