IamBranded Releases 2nd Chapter of Powerof1Man

The 2nd Chapter of IamBranded's double album is released (3/25/14) The final release of solo material from what Branded has said for the next few years. "Everything I'm doing is to spread this album for the base of listeners for the next few years as I focus on other members of the Nexxlegacy Recording Group" said IamBranded. The album is slightly different than the first album released just last week 3/18/14. This one is aggressive, and centers on some issues that still plague us to this day such as what defines a woman, the death of Trayvon Martin and others like him, the lasting effects of losing an MC legend like 2pac and others. Celebrate the 2nd Chapter of Powerof1Man by clicking HERE and although Branded's album may be his last solo....look for projects coming with other artists. Plus.... said iamBranded. "I still have like 50 unreleased songs and a mixtape and soundtrack to my book coming....so musically im not done. Plus working on a project with MacFour, ThaOminous Makeshift and believe me....I'm far from done." You can check IamBranded weeknights as the host of Nexxlegacy Radio