IamBranded Release 1st CD POWERof1MAN

Album releases today (March 18th) the first of 2 CD's from IamBranded the 2nd releases March 25th with lead production from rising producer KeyzGoneBad. The album is a celebration of what hiphop means....Fun, honest opinions on feelings, the state of the hiphop culture and the worlds issues. The journey took over a year, with music soul searching, and reflection on direction, but what remains constant is the fun provided by the producers, and the guest features on this project. Says IamBranded "This is by far the best solo project I've been a part of". Everyone who signed on to this movement understands that the power of 1 man isn't about 1 person being a boss with power....it takes 1 man to help others understand their true potential, and the passion that comes out of whatever is done. The first album features tracks "We Tha West" , "Check My Legacy" "Up Nexx" & "GoodLife" by no means this is an album that is geared towards overall y bragging and boasting.....the line drawn is from the motivation of the hiphop greats before me, and this is my thanks to them on wax.... You can purchase the first CD HERE