Nexxlegacy Review of the new single Baby Luv by JADE

Had the privilege of listening to it prior to its release on February 14th, and purchasing it now, best single to showcase itself in 2014. All 3 members of Jade (Joi, Tonya, Myracle) are reactivated, and sounding more driven with passion than ever. Baby Luv gives off a new age RETRO kind of vibe reminiscent of the Supremes hey day. The best thing to take from this song is there is more in store from this iconic group. As fans we remember "Don't Walk away" , "One Woman" , "Looking for Mr. Do Right" and more, and this one can and will rank right up and surpass even their stand out hits from the 90's. In Closing, Thank you Jade for coming back together for us fans, and will look to continuing to support this single, and also your up coming project "CONTINUUM"

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