DATE RIGHT Workshop Hosted by Jimmie Reign March 15th

Join the panel MARCH 15 for a date right workshop lets GET REAL! Ask as many questions and WE WILL answer. All are welcomed.Empower Marriages - Educate singles - Enlighten all involved.
More details check out the event posted on Facebook HERE


 Topics To Be Covered:
-Sex Before Marriage: Dealbreaker?
-How To Be Single Without Feeling Lonely
-Chivalry And Today's Man
-The Benefits Of Celibacy
-The Difference Between My Wants And My Needs
-Dating According To What's Biblical: Outdated?
-Strong Foundation, Strong Partnership
-Keeping The Spark

Speaking Panel:
Dating/ Marriage Education:
Pastor Phillip Tindsley and wife Kimberly Tindsley

Dating Education:
Michelle Borromeo

Singles Education:
Drew Allen
Shekia Fox-Mann

Enlightening Singles. Educating Daters. Empowering Marriages