On the anniversary of Nexxlegacy Radio

There is a lot I can say, and pick out hundreds of names from staff members to Pr's to guests that has come on to the show over the last 6 years. I must admit...this has been a long journey, and a blessed trip to take because for the love of music and entertainment, I have bonded with millions of people in this process. I felt this is my calling, and this is part of why I am here on earth. To meet all of you, so we can understand each other from the inside out. Some of us have not met in person, some of us have. Gods will has taught us to admire, and respect each other for what we are capable of on the inside FIRST. That is the longest kind of appreciation that will withstand the test of time. 6 years and over 6000 broadcasts is amazing and the people I have come to know.....I am humbly grateful. This journey has a handful of ups, downs, and everything else, but we have displayed a durable drive to be known and earn respect, to be appreciated, and have and open mind, and open arms to embrace diversity.
I remember when I first did a pilot show with my brother 6 years ago, I had no idea this would put me right here in front of you all. I woke up this morning, and quickly thanked our lord and savior, because when you look at how we came together, came to be...because of Radio and also because of our appreciation of music and more, this became a family affair very quickly.
Tonight we start our anniversary at 6pm pst. A LIVE broadcast celebrating our accomplishments.
http://tobtr.com/s/5505313 (949) 270-5912 The hotline to leave a message is (206) 376-9464
The longer this journey is....the more emotional I've become, and the more grateful and humble I am showing. I'd like to thank you all for understanding how much this means to me, and how incredibly important you all mean to me....as listeners of this program, as staff members, as guests of our shows, and as supporters of a dream to expand the radio brand and make it fun, informative, and bottom line...make it matter like it use to be.
See you tonight, and see you for more than 6 years

Charles "iamBranded" Madison