New album by the very talented Zendaya now on itunes

This young lady Zendaya has captured the hearts of millions and millions of people by her talent, drive, determination, and originality. The album released recently titled "Zendaya" is available on itunes by clicking HERE
Also my opinion? She is a very blessed young woman who I am very proud of, and I am inspired by her humble nature, and encourage you all to buy the album...... Watch the video REPLAY
And embrace a woman who is a beautiful work of art.
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01 – Replay
02 – Fireflies
03 – Butterflies
04 – Putcha Body Down
05 – Heaven Lost an Angel
06 – Cry for Love
07 – Only When Youre Close
08 – Bottle You Up
09 – Scared
10 – Love You Forever
11 – My Baby