Superwoman Karyn White returns to Center-stage at Yoshi's San Francisco

Two Performances
Thursday, June 27th, 8pm & 10pm
As a tribute to Black Music Month San Francisco's award winning Supper Club Koshi's presents in concert R&B Queen Karyn White.  Karyn will perform her smash hit "Superwoman"  as well as other singles which made her a household name. The evening will also introduce audiences to selections from her latest CD "Carpe Diem".  

Literally defining the title of her hit song "Superwoman", vocal R&B veteran Karyn White embarks upon a fresh phase in her remarkable careerReturning to shine in the industry spotlight, Karyn White is busier than ever with an in-development reality show; scheduled for release this fall; and a newly released single "My Heart Cries" from her CD entitled "Carpe Diem" - on her own "KWE" record label (distributed thru Lightyear/EMI in the U.S.).
Inspired by the response from fans over her return to main stage; her CD, "Carpe Diem" - Latin for 'seize the day' - has become the catalyst for doing just that, with a planned tour throughout the country. 
A keen business woman with a sharp eye on professionalism and the best possible presentation for her audiences; Ms. White is firmly at the helm this go round and fully her own boss - having learned much from her years building enterprises and expanding her talents into other genres. Her business acumen is at the base of all she undertakes, including the current tour.
For Ticket information contact Lisa at 415-655-5600
Seating is Limited