A Happy Father's Day Message for all dads across the world

Yup...today is Father's Day.... So Props up top to the ones putting in an effort to help develop their child with the love compassion and confidence they need to grow. Just like mom's and how they handle the 24/7 responsibility....it takes hard work and a team of communicating between mom and dad to make the Dream work. In my case...sharing the work with my daughters mom is important.... and Although we share custody when my child isn't near me on a nightly basis....i go out into this world, doing everything in my power to make her proud of the man that i am.....not just to my daughter...but in life she can see outside accomplishments, and hard work to be inspired.... So remember..... don't take advantage of those moments, and embrace the best kind of love you will EVER have in life..... people may come n go...love will win...loose...or fall....but if you get unconditional love from your child....you will UNDERSTAND how it really is to love and be loved.
- iamBranded