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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lil Kims artist Tiffany Foxx Drops Mixtape | GOAL Diggers

Lil Kim's artist Tiffany Foxx officially releases her mixtape G.O.A.L. DIGGERS
Artist plans to dominate female market with this domineering release 

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) MAY 28, 2013 – Since Tiffany Foxx really hit the scene with Hip-Hop Icon and mentor Lil Kim at the start of 2013, the world hasn’t been able to get enough of this undeniably talented, beautiful artist from St. Louis Missouri. Tiffany Foxx has made headline after headline aligning herself with the likes of Disney star Miley Cyrus to creatively expressing herself in her latest visuals "Twisted" and "Jay-Z" both which featured her industry mentor Lil Kim. Fans on the internet and on the street can’t get enough of the St. Louis star.
Now with the release of her first Mixtape project since Lil Kim's inception, Tiffany Foxx is proving to be a serious contender within the Hip-Hop industry.
Keep up with the Foxx @1tiffanyfoxx on instagram and twitter.  


Our personal favorite is "Renagade" (Listen)

For More Info On Tiffany Foxx Contact Echoing Soundz:
LiMari Garcia

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