BabyGirl's View: The Gossip Game Review

 Now, I'm not into reality TV, but for some reason, I thought VH1's The Gossip Game was going to be different. The concept was good: women in the hip-hop entertainment industry. I was feeling the concept because it's talking about something I can not only understand, it's something I could relate too because of what I'm going to school for. Being a female working in the industry is hard and I respected these women for being women on top of the industry and working their asses off for doing so. When I watched the show, I was highly disappointed. Not only it wasn't what I expected, but it's just another show that specks badly on women.  To me, it's an upscale version of Basketball wives...You have the top dog (Kim who is the Editor-In-Chief or E-I-O) of The Source Magazine, you have the media important people (Angela Yee from Power 105 and K. Foxx from Hot 97), you have the not so important people (Sharon Carpenter and JasFly) and than you have the internet people (Ms. Drama and Viv) and I have ro say that it's too much for me to keep up with! I don't want just another reality TV show. I don't know why Ms. Drama is going after Viv just because the do different work or you simply just can't understand it. As women in the industry, you have to respect one another. You have to bring each other up because men in the industry sees us as a target. UGH!!!!