Lil Kims Protege Tiffany Foxx turns heads in Versace Store

Tiffany Foxx Draws Crowds at Local Mall, Drops Thousands at Local Strip Club and officially releases New Single with Lil Kim
Recent signing with Lil Kim draws Major Fan Reaction

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Official Single with Lil Kim  Twisted

(New York, NY) March 5, 2013 – St. Louis emcee and newly signed artist Tiffany Foxx was seen in Houston, Texas at the Galleria Mall, on lookers may as well assumed they had seen Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey the way Foxx’s fans were reacting as Tiffany walked in and out of stores including Versace and other high priced establishments. Later that night Tiffany was seen throwing thousands and thousands of dollars, what one onlooker mentioned to be upwards to about $15,000 at a local strip club. Tiffany’s larger than life personality, bold lyrics, looks to kill and Midwest swag, not only has Lil Kim excited about signing her but it keeps her “GoalDiggers” I.e. Fans, coming back for more. We asked Tiffany why she decided to name or label her fans “GoalDiggers”? “It means setting goals, dreams and standards all the way high. I was always very ambitious and took risks that people laughed at. But now that my dreams are coming true, I want to embrace the underdogs and dedicate this next project to my fans,” explains Miss Foxx. In addition to recording her new project, Tiffany is now the face of new fashion clothing line “Drugs”. She plans to release her upcoming project self titled “GoalDiggers” Spring 2013.