BabyGirl's View - The Children of Our Future

When I was growing up, my mom would always quote the Whitney Houston song “The Greatest Love of All.” She would sing the first stanza of the first verse.  "I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be..."  When I think about the kids of today and how the state of being they are in, I think of two words: we're screwed. The future doctors, lawyers, politicians, and possible Presidents are being turned into the next rapper, basketball stars, video vixens, or on their way to become an inmate in prison. The kids today are being brainwashed by the media, and by what they see and it's affecting them in a bad way. The kids of today are so into the gadgets and things that they don’t see how bad it's affecting them. It seems like they have forgotten the true meaning being a kid. The kids of today versus the kids back in my time have the ability to become great with the gadgets that are coming out with but they are simply abusing that privilege and simply wasting their life away.
The kids of the 1990s were always on the go. They did things that the kids of this generation would call “boring.”  When I was growing up, most people didn’t have access to the internet, a gaming system or cellphones. We went outside every day, rain, or shine, until the first cow, "mooed” at 7pm. We knew how to ride bikes, hopscotch and if we didn't have no one to play with, we played by ourselves. We didn't need anyone to tell us how to have fun, especially when there was fun all around us. If we didn't have chalk to draw with, we used rocks. If we didn't have a basketball to shoot hoops, we used a beach ball. If something was stuck in a tree and we didn't have a latter, we would climb that tree. At the end of the day, we were moving and being active whereas the kids of today won’t even get off the couch to use the bathroom.  They are so into the television (TV), the Xbox, and what their classmates are saying about them on Facebook and Twitter that they don’t know the meaning of the words “Play Outside.” They have all the time to go outside and play but instead they are eating and sleeping their life away, being so focused on technology.  
When it comes down to music and entertainment, it amazes me just how far and how depressing it has become. It has become even more heartbreaking, especially when the music and the music videos don’t inspire the kids. The same artist that the kids say they want to be like and look up to are the same ones who don't think that they are role models. Music and entertainment back then stayed in its lane. For Example, the hip-hop group Another Bad Creation (ABC)'s "Playground" was talking about the playground and what the kids were doing at the playground. It was something that the kids could relate to. Now they got kids talking about things that kids should not be specking of like Lil Poopy's Pop That Remix. He's 9 years old slapping a woman's behind, talking about sex, drugs, and alcohol and has trouble pronouncing "Barcelona..." He probably doesn't know that it's a beautiful city in Spain. He's not taking about what a 9 year old should be talking about. He should be talking about a girl named Susie, and how she's icky and every time he's around her, her breathe is stinky! What does Lil Poopy have to offer the other 9 year olds that are "looking up to him", "watching his videos” or “reciting his music?" What kind of message is he trying to portray? It’s time for the music and entertainment to get back to the place where it’s not destroying the minds of the kids.

One of the things that are missing in today’s society is quality time with the family. Back in the 1990s, family time was crucial. It was how parents gotten to know their children, watch as they develop into the person that they want to be. It was a way to keep the family involve and together. Whether it be sitting at the table eating dinner together, or simply having game night, family time was time for just for the family. On the other hand, family time isn’t involved in the lives of the kids of today and you can tell by how the kids are acting towards their parents.  Most of the kids are rude, disrespectful or out of line and the parents, unfortunately, let them behave that way. The parents are so busy trying to be their kid’s friend that they have forgotten that they are parents first, and that has gotten the kids all out of control.
When it comes down to the well-being of the children of this generation, what is there to do? It’s time to stop letting the TV’s and the Xbox be their babysitter and it’s time to take back these kids. It’s the little things that we do with them, like going outside with them and listening to music, and spending time with them, that will leave a lasting impression. I strongly believe that the children are our future but it’s up to us, as parents and as caretakers of these children, to not only guide them, but to be a part of that dream and success.