LOSING PARADISE A Claudja Barry Film


A Claudja Barry Film
"one love, one heart, one destiny"  -Bob Marley
"Losing Paradise" airs February 17th, on the OMNI Channel.   A documentary film directed and produced by the multi-talented singer, stage and screen actress, Claudja Barry.  Ms. Barry, born in Jamaica, moved to Canada when she was seven, but her love and respect for her birth home remained.  Performing around the world, the artist recognized a downgrading of the Jamaican culture by the message being sent from performers of Dancehall music. The genre' came on the scene after the "One Love" reggae music of the legendary Bob Marley.  The language of Dancehall and the attitude of it's performers sends a negative voice to Jamaican youth and to the rest of the world. It's the Jamaica, known for it's weather, laid back culture and upbeat Reggae music, that boosted tourism for many years, but lately has taken a hit.  Many believe Jamaica has become a culture of violence and sending this message through it's music, doesn't help.  "Losing Paradise" takes a look at Dancehall music and the belief that it contributes to the negativity of the culture.  It's time to look back at Jamaica's rich heritage, understand it, celebrate it, sing, dance, and let the rest of the world join in.   It's time for artists to take responsibility.  Ms. Barry steps up with .... "Losing Paradise."       
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