BabyGirl's View: A Valentine's Tale

Today is Valentine's Day and all day, people have been wondering and asking, "What's the best thing you received on Valentine's Day?" I smiled and say "A Father's Love..." While people look at me all weird and confused, none asked what I meant. So I'll tell you what I mean in this story:

When I was a little girl, I was deaf in my ears and was placed in speech therapy classes to help me with my speech. Every Valentine's Day until he died, my dad use to take me on dates during school and use to make me feel like a princess. One year, he couldn't do it because he couldn't get off of work. While everyone else in the class was getting tokens of love, and friendship, I didn't get anything from my classmates because I was a new girl at a new school. I remember my teacher handing me a letter. She asked me to read it out loud to the class as part of my speech exercise. I stood in front of the class as I opened the letter and read aloud what my mom had wrote. After I read it aloud, I heard clapping from the back of the room. It was my dad, holding balloons. I ran to him and all I heard him say in his heavy Jamaican accent was "My Baby...My Baby..." and when he had to leave, he gave me a kiss and told me that he loved me.

So to me, Valentine's Day isn't about getting the big bears and cards, or candy roses. Valentine's Day is about the look on my daughter's face, and the love that my daughter has for me... just as I gave my father love.