BabyGirl's View: SuperBowl Review!

WOW! This is a historic game from start to finish! This is the first show that all the major artist were African-American! Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook chorus brought tears to my eyes. Alicia Keys played the piano and sung the National Anthem. I was glad that no one messed up and no one forgot the words.

The game itself was on FIRE!!!! The Ravens were in it to win it. They brought the A game in the first half! The 49ers were slacking, dropping balls, not being in positions  and than wanted to fight after they offence was slacking. AND THAT WAS JUST THE FIRST 30 MINUTES!!!! Ending the half 21-3, it was time for  what people called the main event...

For our generation, Beyonce's superbowl performance is officially the one to beat. Having the first Pepsi Fan Countdown, Beyonce killed it. From the lighting effects to the guitar sparks and to Destiny's Child coming out, it was good for top to bottom! She entertained us for 12 minutes and had everyone wishing for more!

After that, the game was back when #12 Jacoby Jones broke a SuperBowl record running 108 yards to get a touchdown, tieing his record against the Cowbays in October. Than during the 49ers possession, BLACKOUT!!!! 35 minutes of pure boredom, and commentary! Than that's when the 49ers stepped their game up! but in the end, the Ravens was the better team to win!

This was an epic SuperBowl! If I hate to rate it, it would be a 8 and a half....Kudos to you NFL!!!!