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A message from Natalie

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I'm holding a fundraiser for my wife, Natalie, to help offset the medical costs of her appointments (a very crucial one coming up which involves the children) and much needed wheelchair that she can use for her to stay active, especially with keeping up with our two small children, ages 3 & 5 years old. Natalie is currently using crutches which make it very difficult to manuver when going out in public places. We also use a large stroller for our son as a walking support system, but we can't keep him in that until he's 18, so, that's where you can help! : )

She was born with Primary Early-Onset Generalized Dystonia (DYT1). She is uninsured in the US and we are working to keep her wonderful team of Doctors, Neurologist, & Movement Disorders Specialist in Toronto, Canada, where she was formally diagnosed last November 2011.

The next two appointments are February 5th & 6th, 2013, one being the genetic testing for the little ones (they have a chance of having this mutated gene passed down to them) and the other being her on-going care check-up for her treatments and evaluations.

If you could please visit her site for more information on her fight with Dystonia and to support her, please go to:

Please share this & every bit counts (even tweeting, whatever you may contribute, be it financially or your time.). We will greatly appreciate every effort in making this a success!

Again, thank you for listening & your continued support!

God bless!

Justan, Natalie, Bianca, & Micaiah