BabyGirl's View: WorldStarHipHop

I can't stand WorldStar HipHop. PERIOD!!!  It's not "hip-hop" entertainment; it's a drama filled sight. It's Love and Hip-Hop; divide that by times 1,000 and you have "Reality TV". I don't see how people can go there and be entertained by the sex, and/or violence that's on the sight. If there is something hip-hop, 85% is wanna be rappers who sound like broken records on crack, 10% is establish artist that are trying to make a comeback, and 5% is "real" rappers. I don't get it. Since when is it OK to post fights on the internet instead of helping defuse the situation? If a person drowns, are you gonna stand there and record them, or try to get them out the water? Think about it...

People that I know that have gotten into fight have said "I whopped her ass and posted it on WorldStar...." and when I see it, they look like a damn fool fight over a dude, or a chick, or one stepping on a fresh pair of Jordans. If I had to ask, my question would be "Why?" Why put yourself in a situation? Why jeopardize your freedom? Why give people a reason to fight you or have the police arrest you? Why mess up your life and your children's lives like that?  Saying "You can find me on WorldStar..." is NOT a good look for anyone. You got me bent like fruit roll-ups if you think that you will see BabyGirl on WorldStar or anything that gives African Americans a bad look.

We, as a race, already have to prove our self worth to people, and I'm not talking about sleeping our way to the top. I'm talking about proving that we are more than what the reality TV shows paint us out to be. We're not as ghetto and as rachet as people think we are. We all don't sleep around just to make it to the top. We all don't sell our souls just to get a record deal that may or may not last, but how the way this generation is acting, based on how they are presenting themselves on WorldStar, you might as well say we are.

When will we learn not to be part of the crowd? What happened to us being different, unique? What happened to the fire that our grand-parents and great great grand-parents had? Is technology an excuse?  Can someone please explain to me what happened to US?