BabyGirl's View: Getting Back to You


We're 14 days into the new year and I bet you 5 dollars that you feel the same way you felt in the beginning of 2012. You feel like you haven't gotten anywhere and nothing you wanted to achieve has been done. It's sad that some people feel like they haven't grown into the individual that they wanted to be. I'm hear to let you know you still can. The year's just begun and if you wake up to see the next day, than you can do anything you want to do. It's time to stop being people's puppet - cut the string, and do you because at the end of the day, the only one affected is you. Don't let people dictate you from where your trying to go and what your trying to accomplish. Establish a group of people that you trust; that you know, without a shadow of doubt, that they have your back and aren't afraid to tell you the truth. It's time to block out all the "advice" people give you and trust yourself. You can do it! It's time to get up and take the journey back to you. It's not gonna be easy but it'll well worth it.