OK! The media is taking this situation out of control(as usual)...I think Beyonce DID sing at the inauguration. Just because the Marine Band didn't play or "wasn't there to assist her", doesn't mean she lip-sync....when have we EVER known Beyonce to lip-sync ANYTHING!?!? If she ain't singing, she dancing...when she ain't dancing, she singing...Just because she sung with a track, doesn't mean she lip-sync! Mind you, there is alot of people who sing with track ALL THE TIME! Look at it this way: All she practiced on was the track. She didn't rehearse with the Marine Band...What makes you think that she'll go and have the band play and mess up how she practiced? As a musician, DOES THAT MAKES SENSE TO YOU?? I don't think she lip-sync and here's why:

1. If you compare her singing on the pre-recorded track, you can tell that it is a mili-second faster than when she was preforming it live and at the end, she ended the song 2 seconds later when her track stopped! HHMMM....

2. When you study her mouth, you can tell where's she's breathing. You can hear her breathe in the mic, just like Kelly Clarkson and like James Taylor. When you perform with a track, you don't hear the breathing of the artist unless it was intentional. Also when performing with a track, you would have been able to hear her say "Oh Say..." and "Whose board stripes..." (Beyonce is a soprano! She can't hit them low alto notes...DUH!!!) A monitor was RIGHT NEXT TO HER for those who didn't know why she took the ear piece out . (If you notice that she had to rush to get back into the flow of the song?) AND she was breathing from her diaphragm! Lip- Sync just stands still and just move there and move lips!

3. SHE KNEW THE WORLDS!!! People that have lip-sync at big performances missed a word or to. It happens all the time in music videos! The singer tries to do background AND lead at the same time and it doesn't work! She DEFINITELY didn't do a Christina Aguilera, and she didn't do a Jennifer Hudson, so what's the problem??

4. What makes anything the Marine Band say relevant? How you gonna go back on your word? How one spokesperson gonna say she lip-sync and another one back track on what she says? What gives the Marine spokesperson to even SAY that she pulled from using the band at the last minute? Since it was last minute, how last minute was it? and if you knew, why had the band look like they was playing because in several shots, come players were pressing the same notes and the cover was still on the instruments? So if Beyonce was lip-syncing, than the band was lip-syncing too! Yall can't just pin this ALL on Beyonce...

All I'm saying is that people aren't being reasonable, and aren't really looking at the facts. They just want to throw her under the bus, but I will tell you this: she's gonna show all the people who talked junk, just how much a beast she is when Super Bowl get here. At the end of the day, Beyonce is a wonderful and talented performer. People shouldn't make a big deal outta it. Now, we can move unto more important things that are happening within our world! #PERIOD #MOVEON #THEEND