For those inquiring about interviews with Reality Shows:

For the past 5 years, Nexxlegacy Radio then VintageMusik Radio took pride in all interviews we've conducted over the years. Since the radio stations inception, we have evolved a lot over time, and we have expanded our brand to also help our actors and actresses in the life in times currently dominated by reality shows. With that being said, the policy we have on interviewing goes as follows.

Our station will NOT cater to reality shows which we deem are demeaning, degrading, disrespectful, and distasteful towards women, men, life, and all things negative. We pride ourselves on setting trends to build legacies, and the constant female cat fights, the constant disrespect displayed in most reality shows, will not have broadcasting life here on Nexxlegacy Radio. We will do what it takes to cater and evolve music, acting, and life evolution as opposed to catering to the constant bickering that takes place among most reality shows. There will be some reality show programs that we will consider, and those shows will be up for discussion with the current staff. As of now, as a Radio station for the people, we will stand beside our actors and actresses, and not give in to the chaos that some reality shows portray. In our past history we have interviewed and developed relationships with Reality show cast members, and it will not change. We understand and take full pride, on building a legacy, and if any of our previous cast members have news on uplifting and supporting a higher cause, aka children, families, etc, you will have a place in our circle. So now and forever we will not show media attention to the wrong things just because its public news regarding reality shows, however we will shed more light on our actors, and actresses, and the evolution of music, media, and real television.