The Bay Area’s Finest Team Up for a Classic Album Featuring Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube, Suga Free, B-Legit, Jeremih and More

E-40 & Too Short “Slide Through” Feat. Tyga 

VALLEJO, CA (Nov. 6, 2012) – Hip-Hop trailblazers and West Coast superstars E-40 and Too $hort will release the iconic double disc album “History: Function Music & Mob Music” on Tuesday, Nov. 6 in a historic move that will cement their impact on the world’s music scene. The Ambassador and Godfather of the Bay team up to unleash an explosive combination of new school “Function” meets old school “Mob music” in an ode to Bay Area Hip-Hop. With features including Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Ice Cube, Sugafree, Jeremih, Travis Porter, Kurupt, Battlecat, Knotch, Cousin Fik, Turf Talk, Dolla Will, Decadez, B-Legit, Stresmatic, T. Nelson, Beeda Weeda and Rankin Scroo, the double disc project can only be described as classic.

When asked what it was like working in the studio with fellow Bay Area native Too $hort, E-40 says, “It’s only right. We’re both Hip-Hop legends who have outlasted many artists in the game. That’s my rapping partner; I grew up listening to him. I’m super excited. This has been a long time coming. We’ve been trying to do this album over 10 years and we finally got a chance to do it,” says E-40 about the project.
“Doing this album with E-40 was easier than doing a solo album because we knew exactly what we wanted. There was nothing negative during the recording process,” recalls Too $hort. “A lot of folks are anticipating the project. This was perfect timing.”

The albums’ hot single and video “Say I” featuring Wiz Khalifa have already created a highly anticipated buzz around the new project. The albums feature seamless production by the likes of heavy hitters including Rick Rock, Studio Tone, Battlecat and Sam Bostic plus newcomers DecadeZ, ShonuFF, and E-40’ son hitmaker Droop-E. When asked to define “Mob” music, E-40 explains, “It’s a distinct sound. It’s a heavy bass line or an eerie spooky feel with those certain strings that make it sound sinister. It’s not about guns or violence. We originated ‘Mob music’ and we’re doing it best on this album.” Too $hort sums up the definition of the other half of the project “Function” as “A party! You can pop in our CD at an event and not even need a DJ. Our music is the DJ! ‘Function music’ is what some people call the new and improved Bay Area version of Hip-Hop.”

With this project, the iconic duo wants listeners to remember where “Function” and “Mob music” originated – the Bay Area. “It’s hitting so many areas of Hip-Hop. This ain’t never been done before. Just know, we’re game spitters. We did us, we didn’t try to do like everyone else. We got something to say in every song. This is a classic album no matter how you slice it. We’re making it cool to be in your 40s and make music. “We’re making HISTORY,” E-40 concludes.

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