In the past month, there have been incidents where the bus drivers have been put in danger, but no one sees that. They see that the passengers are the victims and the bus drivers are pure de wrong and they need to get fired for protecting themselves. People have always interviewed "the victims" but no one has ever interview the drivers in these situation.

Perfect example: Artis Hughes, the bus driver in Cleveland, Ohio, got fired because he was protecting himself from Shidea Lane. Everyone was so quick to jump in on the girl's behalf because he uppercut her, but no one jumped in his defense because she spit on him. She verbally abused him, and physically assaulted him, and because he fought back, he lost his job, has to pay a $1000, AND spend six months in jail. What does she get? 30 days in custody and a $250 fine. And here's some points that trips me out about this whole thing. While Shidea Lane is doing TV interviews, and radio interviews saying that "I never spit on anyone", "I never put my hands on him", and "I never called him a out his name", you got not one, but FOUR different point of views and they ALL said the same thing. They said that she "You a bitch and you're momma's  bitch too!" and "Keep talking about me and I will spit on you!" One report said that Lane was "drunk" and "she was loud and obnoxious from the start." Another point is that all this started when she didn't have her bus fare for six stops! SIX STOPS! Another point is that their are four different angles from this fight; three from the camera phones and one from the actual bus so it doesn't matter what Lane says, camera's don't lie. No one, no radio station or TV show, has come together and say "Let's get the driver's side of events! There are three sides to every story. Her side, his side, and the truth. We only got 1/3 of this situation and that's what people are running with.

And Now there is another video out on World Star, and Youtube about a woman bus driver attacking a "16 year-old" for not lowering her music down and everyone and they great-great grandma is in the little girl's defense. Well, I'm not! I ride the bus all the time and there are rules that we need to follow:

A. When an elder or a handicap or a wheelchair comes on the bus, we have to move.
B. No eating or drinking
C. No smoking
D. No cellphone use.

and if it's not written out, they got symbols that we can understand. I don't understand why people think that they don't have to follow the rules because they are on the bus. It's not fair to the rest of us that ride the bus, to get held back on what we have to do because of your ignorance. I don't know how this played out but this is how I see it: The driver has asked the girl to lower her music and the little girl showed her ass and was like "No." The driver stopped the bus and addressed her saying turn down the music. The girl probably said no and attacked the driver first. THAT'S when the video started to roll and you see the bus driver attack the girl and put her ass in check  but it was what the driver said at the end that caught my attention. After the fight ended, someone said "All this for MUSIC?!?" The driver replied, "No. It wasn't about that. It was about being disrespectful." I applaud her for not only giving her the ass whooping that her parents didn't give her, but because at the end of the day, she was doing her job. I show no sympathy for people who intentionally do wrong, ESPECIALLY when someone is just doing their job....