BabyGirl's View: Black Women

Today we had to turn in our argumentative rough drafts to the class. One of the papers I read rubbed me of the wrong way. The thesis statement said something like this “Based on evidence from experts and personal experience, I believe that black woman are nasty and deserve to stay on welfare.” Now this classmate, who happens to be in my group editing sessions, does not like black women.  His paper basically talked about a bad break up and because of that, he thinks all black women are hoes, we’re only good to lie on our backs and his evidence was music videos, and reality TV.

I sat in disbelief how he, an African American male, can degrade us base on what he sees on TV and his personal experience. I asked him about his personal experience and what he told me wasn’t good enough. He pretty much said that he automatically doesn’t like black woman because of the color of our skin.  I asked him about knowing me and he simply said “I wouldn’t talk to you outside of class because I don’t like “your kind.”  But BOTH HIS PARENTS ARE BLACK!!!! **confused look**

He said that all black women do is make bastard babies, apply for food stamps, don’t go to work, make bad decisions as mothers, fight everyone that comes into their path and be mad when a brother dates and marries a white woman. Let’s go to the facts.

  FIRST of all, we do not make bastard children. You don’t know what type of situation these women are in. Weather the male is dead, fighting in the war, had a baby out of wedlock, adopted or if the father is just an all-around dirtbag, and left them for someone else, these children are not bastards! They are loved, and even if their “fathers” isn’t around, that’s ok because that baby isn’t alone. That baby has people that love, and care about them and that’s all that matters.

Second, all black women do NOT apply for food stamps.  DCF DENIES people who don’t need food stamps. They only take college students (not all of them), seniors,  and expected mothers. Last time I check, 33% of people that are on Food Stamps is white people so you can shut that down.

Third, women don’t go to work!  EXCUSE ME? I work every day, go to school, go home, take care of my daughter, and do what I need to do. How dare you say “black women don’t work”? We work! Some black women work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet and make a better life for their families. I’m pretty sure you had a mom or a grandmother who scarified a lot just to see you smile so for you to say that we don’t work is crazy!

The moral of this is we are not like these television stations betray us. We all are not ghetto or loud, and we all don’t fight.  We all don’t disrespect our elders, call females out their name, and we are not Shidea Lane.  Just like women don’t have the right to say “All Men Are Dogs” you don’t have the right to define us just because of what you see on tv.