BabyGirl's View: 2012 Soul Train Awards Review


Well, I understand it was the Soul Train awards, it didn't have a lot of "Soul." I felt like "Soul" wasn't really represented. In the beginning, they paid tribute to singers like Bill Withers, Teena Marie, & Aretha Franklin, but what about Donna Summers, Vesta Williams, The Blue Notes...something's gotta give! If anything, the Soul Train awards was suppose to show the appreciation, not just for the people who were nominated or receive achievement awards, but to "Soul Music" as a whole. I think that part was missed.

BET did something right for a change. New Edition was right group to receive the lifetime achievement award. It's well deserved and they have been in the industry for 30 years and tonight proved just why they deserve that award. They still sharp, they dance skills are awesome, the vocals are there. My only problem was that their actual performance was too short! I wanted more from them. I wanted them to do a 10 to 15 minute set and just let them go HAM! They've entertained audiences for 30 years...the LEAST they could do was show how they REALLY get down...#ThatsJustMe

As far as the performances go...Besides Stevie Wonder, New Edition, John Legend, Eddie Levert, and the beginning group that did the tribute, I was disappointed, but than again I'm not surprised. It's the same with BET. They always have these wack behind performances and it's like "WHY!!!" Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole, 2 Chainz, TGT, Miguel and Elle Varner are a part of that "WHY!?!?" There was nothing soul about them and it's sad because it's performances like that, that take away from the show. Ne-Yo disappointed me...I wish he was on top of his notes, and he can master down singing and dancing,  Keyshia was the laughing stack, 2 Chainz is just a horrible performance, TGT needs to just stop all together, Miguel gave me a headache and had too much butt shots, and Elle needs to sit her hollering self down! I mean the show would have been much shorter if these performances were cut out. The band was CRAZY!!!! I love the band! I love the fact that the musicians are actually playing and not using tracks!!!! (THANK YOU, BET!!!)

As far as tributes go, I love Marcus Canty! I think he's a wonderful singer and I think that he can go far in his career, BUT I think that he was the WRONG person to do a Luther Vandross tribute. As a Luther fan, that wasn't enough. Yeah, Luther gets a song, but the one thing that Marcus missed, or lacked, is  the passion. Luther had passion when he sung, and it literally gave you chills down your spine and when Marcus sung this song, it wasn't there. I'm not saying he needed to sound like Luther, but bring the same FIRE as Luther.

A couple of these stuck out to me and I took it as disrespect. How can you give 2 Chainz, who changed the song because of the "audience", 10 minutes to bore us to breathe  but give Stevie Wonder 5 minutes and the ending of a show? I understand "Save The Best For Last", but you can't roll the credits on the best! You can't! And it's sad and disappointing how BET treats legends that paved the way...truly sad. Since the show was pre-recorded, I felt like the levels of the mics should have been set to where that we can actually hear them and not have the music overpower them because that was happening alot during the performances. The music was TOO LOUD, and I couldn't really enjoy the performances because there wasn't a proper mic check.

As a fan, an artist, and a lover of music, if I was to give this a grade, I would give it a D-. Despite the good in the show, the bad over shadows the good and there's alot more things that I didn't pin out that are still noticeable. I wonder if BET will ever get it together, and I wonder if the REAL legends will EVER get the proper respect that they deserve, especially from the people of color.