BabyGirl's View: What's wrong with YOUNG Mothers?

On Thursday, I was riding the bus home from class and I was shocked about what I saw. I'm sitting on the bench, talking to the HARTLine custodian Mr. O when I notice a little boy running around the station. He couldn't have been over 2 years old. He was running and his mama was all the way around the corner, sitting on the bench texting. A bus was pulling up and the boy was about to run into the bus. People were yelling and screaming "Whose baby is this?" "Where's his mama?" I placed my stuff down, picked up the little man, and took him to his mother. She took him from me, and when an older woman said "Watch your Baby!", she replied with an attitude, "He's fine." HE'S FINE??? Your baby almost got his by a bus and all you can say is that he's fine?

I don't know what's wrong with my generation of mothers! They are so hooked and so into the phones, ipod, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that they don't realize the kind of danger our children are in. We have to stop being so into other things, when it comes down to taking care of our children. Just like some of these females that drop everything just to get a man, that's how it should be with our kids. Nothing should be more important than your kids. NOTHING! What happened to us? What happen to taking the time out to get to know our kids? What happened to sitting down and doing homework and reading to our kids? Now, we got TV, and computers to entertain our kids and it shouldn't be. No matter how tired I am, I will never miss out on a moment to play or talk to my daughter.

I challenge all my mothers to take an hour or two, just to be with your kids. Turn off the computers, turn off the TV's, even turn off your cell phone and just spend time for your kids. Just like me. My day be busy as hell. School from 9 to 4, than to work from 4:30 to 8:30 and I go home. Before I do any homework, or any show, I spend time with my daughter. She's up waiting on me so why not? I play with her, feed her, bathe her, and  put her to sleep and when I do that, than it's my time to do what I need to.

We as mothers have to get ourselves straight. We need to know who we're living for; who we're caring for; whose really #1 in our lives. My daughter comes before any man, or job. I may loose all of that, but I be damned if I loose my daughter over Facebook or my cellphone. #PERIOD