Today, I walked my daughter to her school since it's right around the corner from where I live, I believe in saving gas, and I need the exercise. On the way there, our neighbor and her daughter wanted to walk with us. We're walking and we come to the end of the street (mind you, we're going to the SAME place). My neighbor looked both ways and instead of using the crosswalk, she gonna walk in the MIDDLE of the street in the MIDDLE of morning traffic and ALMOST got herself and her daughter killed because she didn't want to use the sidewalk and take the crosswalk.

Another Example. There was a young mother who recently got killed because she was walking in the dark AND she crossed a major intersection and didn't use the crosswalk that was provided. Now her mother and the community want the streets changed to her daughter's name because that's where her daughter was killed.

Everyday I see the same thing. People walking in the middle of the street, when sidewalks are CLEARLY seen, and they wanna get mad when a car honks at them and the driver yells, "GET YOUR ASS ON THE SIDEWALK!" or "USE THE CROSSWALK!!" or they walk at NIGHT wearing ALL BLACK so cars wont see them. I can't stand that! The sidewalks and crosswalks are not there for our health. They are there to protect the pedestrians that walk. Would you rather be walking in the middle of the street or off to the side where cars wont come near you?

According to the U.S Department of Transportation, 4,280 pedestrians died in traffic crashes and 70,000 were injured in 2010. It's time to cut out the foolishness, and use the darn sidewalks/crosswalks! Too many people, especially our youth, are getting killed because they don't want to use something that's already been provided for them. You use the sidewalks to run from the police, so why won't you use the sidewalk to save your life? Think about that....