BabyGirl View: What Nexxlegacy Means to Me

Nexxlegacy Radio is more than a radio station. It's more than people coming together doing a job; it's a family. I love Nexxlegacy Radio because they saved my dream. I was in a state of depression since June of 2010, and I wanted to give up on everything. On December 18th 2010, my favorite R&B group One Chance called into the station and that was the best day for me. Here's the clip of my first time on Nexxlegacy.

 After “Mic Check Moments with One Chance”, they did "Tuesday Ladies Night" and I called up and for the first time in my life, people listened to what I had to say.  Ever since than, I was hooked. I love my radio family because they know what to say and they know how to cheer me up. Each member and staff has taught something in the two years I been on here. 

·        Ms. Luv is like my auntie. I can call her and tell her anything and she breaks it down to me. She is always there for me and knows just what to say.  She’s taught me how to be strong in the midst of an unexpected situation.

·        Erin is the one that lives life to the fullest and has no regrets or shame in her game.  She thinks off the top of her head and grabs life by the horn. She’s taught me to be adventurous and not be so serious all the time.

·        Danaya is the new co-host of Ladies Night Radio. I've known her for a couple months before she started to call into Nexxlegacy. She’s taught me how to mean what you say and say what you mean. I can’t wait for you all to get to know her like I do. =)

·        E-Notez IS MY WHITE BOY! I love me some E-Notez! He brings the white girl out of me! LOL!

·        Mr. Moe, or Granddaddy Moe, is the level headed guy! He’s cool, calm, and collect. He’s smooth when he talks and every time he says something, it makes me think and it makes me grab a dictionary every once and a while. LOL. He’s taught me to be “smooth” and elegant when I’m talking to someone.

·        Young Army is so YOUNG! Never in a MILLION YEARS would I think I can learn ANYTHING from this dude because he’s the youngest man on the line. He’s taught me how to not be so judgmental and that age is just really a number.

·        Gav is the realest, but the meanest! He isn’t afraid of ANYONE and will speak his mind and doesn’t care how you feel. He’s taught me to have a backbone and not to put up with other people’s foolishness.

·        Mr. Nscience, BMO, and VFromVegas are the opened minded fellas. They run the Truth and Conspiracy show. They taught me to have an open mind and be willing to listen to other's beliefs...even when you don't agree with them.
·        Rahgeezy is the promo guy. He don’t say much but every 10 seconds, my phone be buzzing because of his retweets and his tweets on Twitter. He’s taught me how to stay up on my networking game. =) 

·        Brand, the founder of Nexxlegacy, took me under his wing. He showed me what I needed to do and  helped me with running a show. He didn't have to but I am so appreciative that he did.  Now I’m the host of Ladies Night Radio AND I'm about to start an internship at a local radio station next year. He’s taught me how to interview guest, how to make them feel at home, and how to be humbled and grateful for their time and contributions to their area of talent.

To my Nexxlegacy Family, I thank you. I am so blessed, and honored to be  in your presence.  I am forever grateful to you for being in my life for such a moment as this. You all have affected my life one way or another. Your words have encouraged me for the better, and I am forever thankful. 

And Special Thanks to One Chance for even talking to me. 

After being with Nexxlegacy for two years, I can safely say that Nexxlegacy is the BEST and we not going NO WHERE!
Happy 5th Anniversary.