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Dres & Jarobi: UNITED to form EVITAN Set to release their anticipated album "The Speed of Life" on our National Day of Peace Sept. 21st (Friday)
Celebrate this album with the universe, and lock in their website right HERE


The genesis of the EVITAN Project is rooted in the traditional spirit of Native Tongues; the movement, the message and the music. Dres (Black Sheep) and Jarobi (A Tribe Called Quest) have joined together to form the group EvitaN (which is Native spelled backwards). Both as mentioned and you know are members of the Native tongue movement from their respective groups. The difference between the two is Dres has a body of work to reference where as no one prior to the Evitan releases had heard Jarobi rhyme. In his 20 year affiliation with the iconic group A Tribe Called Quest, Jarobi had not appeared on any released music for reasons unknown. Based on their relationship Dres had a feeling Jarobi had some stuff with him and invited him to the studio to do an EP for us. Oh what a feeling! Dres jumped on the 1st track with Jarobi to sort of ease him into the project, made a dope record called "Keep, Keeping On", and 25 tracks later, the rest is and will be Hip Hop history.
THE EVITAN ALBUM - SPEED OF LIFE Drops SEPT. 21st THE EVITAN ALBUM - SPEED OF LIFE Drops SEPT. 21st Reviewed by nexxlegacy on September 11, 2012 Rating: 5
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