BabyGirl's View: What does LOVE REALLY mean?

Love. Everyone wants to be loved either by the opposite/same sex, by your parents, by your kids. Everyone wants to have that feeling of appreciation; desire. What people don't tell you is that love is dangerous; it will blind you to the signs that you need to see. It's power's so strong that it can and/or will hurt you, even kill you, if it's not handled with care. People have there ideas of what love is and isn't so here's my ideas of what love is NOT: 

Love isn't MANIPULATIVE. People have there ways of twisting the truth and playing with there mate's head and emotions. I seen it first hand how people are controlled and how the person mind is controlled just for the sake of being loved. I seen the person manipulate the WHOLE family just so that person can have what they want. It is a scary thing to witness. 

Love isn't SHARING. Let me explain. Love is between two people, not every female on the block. If you say that you love me, don't share your love, even your sexual intercourse with someone else. I don't share what I  got in between my legs, so why should you? I don't like feeling like I'm second best. I don't like competing for you. If I wanted to compete for love, i would have signed up for Flava of Love, For the Love of Ray J, etc.

That's just a few things that love isn't. Now here's some of my ideas of love IS:

Love is COMMITTED. When I am with you, I'm with you til the end. No matter if I'm in Florida, and you're in California, I'm loyal to you, I'm down for you, I'm WITH you. Distance doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that we're in this together and no matter what happens, I can depend on you and you can depend on me. I can trust you and you can trust me. It's more than just saying that "I love you." Show Me; Actions speck LOUDER than words.

Love is SECRET. The only people that should be in your love life should be you and your mate; Not Twitter, Facebook, Family, etc. No one should be in your business because at the end of the day, it is you and your mate. You can't trust everyone. That's why you should keep it quiet. No one's opinion should matter. 

People have there different ideas about what it is. When it comes down to this, I can help but wonder: What does LOVE....REALLY....MEAN?