BabyGirl's View: STAY IN SCHOOL!!!!!

As a college student, you learn something new every day. You never know what and/or who will influence you to make your dreams come true. I had a conversation with a girl in my math class and she said the same thing that one of my acquaintance said. She said, "I rather be home doing nothing than be in school not learning a thing." It blew my mind away. How can you just sit around and do nothing?? I did that for a WHOLE semester and everyday, I wished I was back in school. In the career I want to be in, they are not taking nothing less than a college degree and according to EBSJournal, by the time 2018 hit, 60% of jobs will require a college degree.

It breaks my heart to see young men and women miss out of opportunities because they don't have the will to learn. I wonder "Whose the blame?" "How can we make education more interesting for the next generation?" "What can we, as parents and family members, do?"  I was taught that "Education is the key to success." and "You can't excel in your dream with out proper education." I believe that the any school experience is good and well worth the struggle becauase at the end of the day, you have to do what's best for you and your family.