BabyGirl's Review: VMA's 2012

Another epic fail in the world of music as last night aired the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards with host Kevin Hart. The jokes were ok and the musical acts were terrible…well…99.9% were bad.

First of all, Kevin Hart and the little security people was too funny! I think that was the only funny part of the show. The videos in between were too much like the BET AWARDS. When you get a new gig, make something new happen. #JustSaying.

All the musical acts pissed me off.  I’ma need singers to understand that when you sing live, you have to stay on top of your notes! Live bands are supposes to make the singer better, not outshine the singer. That’s what every single one of the acts did. Rihanna screaming, Alicia Keys going flat, Frank Ocean…I don’t know WHAT he was doing…Pink and Taylor…I don’t know about them either…everything about that just pissed me off…I only liked the music part. Live bands are AWESOME and if the singer can’t perform with that, it makes the whole performance bad. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, the two biggest jokes on the industry! Chainz is old and Wayne has completely lost his mind. First he was lip syncing, and then the fool wants to fall onto the stage! WHY do you all still support this fool? He has lost all cool points with me. AND WHO IN THE WORLD IS ONE DIRECTION???? Someone please explain that to me cause they was lip syncing too.

As far as the winners go, can someone explain why Young Money has to bring the WHOLE crew with them? Why did Lil Wayne have on headphone and flashed his stomach like he was the "World's Sexiest Man?" And why did Nicki Minaj give that fake acceptance speech? Hunny, I understand that's your first VMA but come on...Even a blind person could tell that was fake.

This whole display of "music" was a joke last night and MTV gets two thumbs down for last night's show.