BabyGirl View: BabyMamas VS Mothers

People think just because I have a kid, or considered a "Baby Mama", that I have to put up with foolishness and/or have to struggle. People already look down on me because of the color of my skin; the fact that I'm a woman taking care of my daughter is the more reason why people look at me like I'm a problem in today's society. Yes, I am on welfare, and Yes, I do go to workforce to get child care, but my daughter deserves to have too and if going through every hoop in America to make sure my daughter has, then so be it. I always remind myself that this is just a temporary situation and I won't always be here. I may not have a phone, the latest hair style, nails, name brand clothes or shoes, but I would rather go without so that my little one can have.

Some of the people who are "mothers" have really gotten things twisted, and conflicted. How is it that the mama can be all jazzed out from head to toe but the baby looked broke, busted, and disgusted? I don't know how they get all this money, and don't take care of their responsibilities. Its women like them that makes it harder for woman like me to even apply for the assistance that I am entitled to. My daughters have needs just like the other babies. Just because some mama's don't know how to handle they business, doesn't mean you punish all the mamas who do go to school, have a 9-5, is handling her business like a pro. When will people understand that there is a difference between a baby mama and a mother?

If you don't know the difference, let me enlighten you. A Baby Mama is a little girl; is selfish; spends more time, money, and energy on herself than her kids. She doesn’t know the meaning of love and sacrifice. A Mother is a woman; is thinking about others before her; goes without just so her family can have; a strong woman who handles her own no matter what it is.

Because I am a Mother, I have to encourage myself that what don't kill me, only to make me stronger. I'm a fighter to the end and I always exceed in what I'm trying to do; where I'm trying to go because at the end of the day, I'm blessed by the best and not settling for less.