BabyGirl FULL Review: Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta

After watching the Reunion part 2, the only question I only have is WHY? Why do black woman sign up for these crazy shows? To get more followers? Have people into their personal lives? To get "respect?" Some of these women I'm routing for while others leave a bad taste in my mouth.
Mimi, Stevie J, Joseline - This situation I can relate to because I do have a baby daddy that is like Stevie J. When I look at this situation, I see myself. Back in 2010, I was bitter like Mimi and stupid like Joseline but once I removed myself from my situation, I realized that I can do bad all by myself. Removing myself has made me a better mother; a better person in general. I hope that Mimi and Joseline can remove themselves from Stevie and his foolishness.
Erica, Lil Scrappy, Shay and "Mamma Dee"- First of all, Shay should have known that Scrappy was using her. If he kept saying that him and Erica were over and you know that he's doing stuff, than why hold onto something that's no longer there? Why still try to make something happen that you know in your heart that it's useless? Congrats to Scrappy and Erica on their engagement and I am happy that Momma Dee is "giving up her throne."
Rasheeda - I am very disappointed in Rasheeda. She needs to know her place as a wife, as an artist and as a friend. As a wife, she placed her business first. She needs to know how to keep balance between the two and know when to back up and take a breather. As an artist, she’s not all that great and the fact that she IS an artist is blowing my mind. She needs to go into retirement and handle home, cause the rapping thing…No Ma`am. As a friend, she really doesn’t know the definition because if she was a true friend to K. Michelle, she would have been up front with her instead of being a puppet. She got her own self caught in the middle. Rasheeda needs to be re-wired – period!
K. Michelle - Her story is so powerful! I have never been in her situation but Yes, I do believe her. Yes, she is talking about the situation because it’s needed. Now is the time to speck. I know that going through something like that is hard, but specking about something like that is therapeutic. Talking about it begins the healing process and because she is specking on it, she’s beginning to heal and she can finally use that situation as a learning experience. I think that she can never fully let go until she and the guy talk it out; let her fully express how much he betrayed her, and once they had that talk, than she can fully be healed and ready to take the necessary steps she needs to take.
Karlie – This chicken head is absolutely, positively, indefinitely, all the way around BITCH and I’ll tell you why. She wants to be put on the map, so she is doing EVERYTHING in her power to get that, even using people. She wants that hit, and she wants love, but she can’t get that because she’s got her nose so far up her ass that she’s too dumb to see what love looks like. She had burn her bridge with EVERYONE this ENTIRE season! She’s HORRIBLE when it comes down getting her “hit.” People needs to stop sugar coding shit and let her know, she can’t sing, she can’t dance, she can’t rap! SHE IS NOT IT and once she realizes that, the world will be a better place.

I really hope that people realizes that being on TV will not get you a record deal and I really hope that when this season starts back up again, that some of these women have matured, and really gotten an eye opener about what has happened to them. I hope Mimi leaves Stevie’s ass, I hope Joseline gets a life of her own and stop trying to be Mimi, I wish Scrappy and Erica nothing but the best, I hope Karlie gets a reality check, I hope K. Michelle can get the release that she needs, I hope Rasheeda finds the balance, and I hope Stevie J gets help because he’s not that great of a man.