BabyGirl's View: Tampa Bay Republican National Convention 2012

No Ma'am! No Ma`am! No Green Eggs or Ham! This needs to be the LAST and FINAL time ANY kind of convention comes to Tampa Bay! Tampa is NOT a big city! I don't know WHY they got these BIG events in this SMALL city! The next time Tampa wants to volunteer it's services, they need to call the City of Tampa, and we all piles ourselves in the Tampa Times Forum and have a meeting because THIS is redunkulous! I hope Democrats takes some notes on what NOT to do.

It's 6:45pm. I should have BEEN home 1 hour and 15 minutes ago, but WHY am I so late? Let me inform you...

  • The City of Tampa knew since 2010 that they could have been one of three places that the Republicans wanted the National Convention held! They could have AT LEAST did a practice drill on us so we can plan ahead of time! They redirected everyone and they great-great grandmothers just so Republicans can have a party!

  • Tampa has blocked ALL the major streets that people use to get to and from work and traffic is 3 times as packed! The streets are flooded with idiots who don't need to have a licence, and wanna get mad when they in the wrong! People texting and driving and not even paying attention to what's in front of them!

  • Police is on every corner...Every Corner? EVERY CORNER!!! These people are in DEEP! I'm on the bus and we drove past the Police attending a play, the Army (with guns) playing basketball at the Prep High School, 30 police on horses, 12 charter buses FULL with police, and police from different counties are every where! You even had a police getting her hair done!

All for the sake that Tampa needs money. We would of HAD money if our stupid Governor knew how to handle it. (That is ANOTHER story)! Man! This is not Hollywood, Florida or California! We don't need no more people coming to this small city, ESPECIALLY politics!