BabyGirl's BET Awards Recap

From the opening act with Samuel L Jackson and Spike Lee to Usher screeching "Climax" in black skinny jeans and red shoes to Nicki Minaj "Roman" act, the BET Awards was once again an epic fail, even when it had some good points.

Maze feat. Frankie Beverly tribute (Joe, Tyrese, Faith Evans) was ok, but it's nothing like watching Frankie coming on stage giving the youngin's a true history lessons. Maze and FB have been in the business 35 years and can still get an audience on it's feet. D'Angelo surprised me. For being absent and out of the spotlight for 12 years, he did good for making a "come back." His band was sick, his vocals/vocalist was on point. I just wish he didn't try to do the James Brown scream at the end. 

The awards themselves wasn't really an upset because we all knew who was going to win. It didn't surprise me that Nicki won "Female Hip-Hop" or Chris Brown won "Male R&B" The performances were a silence fest once again because artist don't choose songs that don't have cussing on it. They don't use they PG version. Yolanda Adams said it best and I quote "Please make sure that you use your gift responsibly, ’cause we’re watching. Our babies are watching, and they want to be like us.”

The Whitney Houston Tribute: I would have ditched Brandy and Chaka Khan and kept Monica and the Houstons. It was beautiful (don't get me wrong) but I just wished BET should have done more for our fallen legends that died before Whitney Houston...#ijs MCA, Heavy D, Sylvia Robinson, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Vesta Williams, Chuck Brown...They just missed a chance to really school the youngin's about who and what music really was. 

For the tributes that they did do- Nick THAT was a tribute. I just wish that it wasn't so short and rushed. It wasn't fair that we, as lovers of music, didn't catch or savor the moment. Donna Summers...They picked the right person cause Chante Moore hit that high note like it was NOTHING!!! Again, I wished it was longer and I wished it was "Last Dance" instead of "Bad Girls" I loved her performance either way. Hal Jackson, Don Cornelius, Dick Clark.... They were the pioneers of music. They should have gotten more than just a sentence about there life. I wished that they didn't break up the tributes like that. Tributes need to be in one segment at all times, period.

Hopefully this time next, New Edition will get the honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award; they will do the fallen legends justice, and they will pick people for awards that SHOULD and DESERVE to win. 

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