BabyGirl's View: Love and HipHop Atlanta

I'm not a real big fan of reality TV. Quite frankly, I don't care, but Love and HipHop ATL has gotten so much media attention that I had to tune in. Now that I finally caught up with the series, I can say that what I have seen so far is beyond redunkulous. The situations that these women are in are what a large majority of women today are going through, and the reality of that is, it's sad. All these women are connected to the industry in some way, but there situations has nothing to do with the business.

Mimi, Stevie J, Joseline - That situation alone is crazy in it's self. How is it that Stevie say he "loves" her (MiMi) but doesn't do anything for her but bring her down. It's crazy that he can do what ever, when ever, how ever, and still got a good woman at home. And the chick that is his "projects" (Joseline) is a hot mess. Stevie needs to send her back to where she came from. Joseline, I don't care what yall say, will always be a home wrecker in my eyes. She will always be known as the woman who fell for another woman's man just to get her "escape from the strip club." Ladies, if you are that desperate to get out of something, don't depend on a man because he will Stevie J your behind and think he can control you. Joseline is straight up stupid. I'm glad Mimi is getting herself together for her and her daughter. Change the locks on the door, change your number, and move on. MiMi basically said "It's taken me 15 years to get it, but I finally got it." Let's hope so.

Erica and Lil Scrappy and "Mamma Dee" - This is a typical case of Baby Mama/Baby Daddy and Mama's Boy Gone Wrong mix. Baby Mama (Erica) wants Baby Daddy (Scrappy) because she still loves him, but Baby Daddy wants to move on and has someone else in mind (Shay). The Baby Daddy keeps telling his mama (Mamma Dee) everything that's happening and Mamma Dee over steps her boundaries as a mother trying to protect her son. I understand giving her son advise, but when it comes down to the woman he's with, she should know to let him figure it out for himself. This is his battle, his relationship. Let him be a man and let him figure it out for himself. This is called growing up. I personally don't have a problem with Mama's Boys but when your mother makes decisions for you, than that's a problem. It's evident that they still loving each other, but I think that it's best for them not to be together.

Rasheeda and Kirk - This is a case of mixing business with pleasure. I need people to take notes cause if your gonna bring business involved, than this is for you. I love this relationship. It's not much drama in this relationship besides the business and it's something that there working on to be stronger and that's what I love about it.

K. Michelle - She's got the talent. The only thing that's holding her back is her past with the industry and her story is so powerful. She's definitely got it but she has to stay focus, stay grounded and stay away from the drama as she can cause people are watching her and waiting on her to mess up.

Karlie - This chick is the snitch of the bunch. She's not to be trusted with anything and I don't believe her. She is the one that starts unnecessary drama with people for no reason and going behind your gurls back like that was a dirtbag move. Karlie only wants whats best for her and she doesn't care who she messes up in the process. She is not a good friend to Mimi, K Michelle or any one on the cast.

At the end of the day, I'm not mad at these ladies. Make your money. I relate to each of them in a different way, except for a few. As soon as the season finishes, I can't wait to do a full review...