Happy 1000th Broadcast Nexxlegacy Radio

I gotta tell you....after almost 5 years to have reached this milestone is amazing, and we will air a 4 hour show April 10th starting at 8pm pst.
The official celebration starts Sunday April 7th thru the 10th
The ride has been amazing, the journey has been a path to a legacy. I have to say, even though I started this dream solo, a lot of amazing men and women have come into my life, and I cant see this Journey continue without all those who have come into this circle, and placed their stamp into my life, and the lives of others through music, radio broadcasting, and overall being dedicated to build a legacy for yourself and others. There has been many names, and I will start with the 4 guys who helped be mold and shape this legacy starting with Phille & Mr.Nscinse. There was something you saw in me almost 5 years ago, to make you stick around, and bring your talents to Nexxlegacy Radio (then called VintageMusik Radio) It was the 2 of that made me begin to understand that this can really go far, if the team is in place.
I never knew I had brothers from different parts of the states, and we have blended a nice mixture of family values, and alot of fun building a dream. We all may not have seen eye to eye and had disagreements, but the main thing we have done was keep our level of communication and respect consistent throughout the 4+ years. Will (WillSexyLove)
and VfromVegas came in, and started to take it to another level with a belief in this station and our mission statement. 2 more family members came into the fold in the very beginning, and a mutual respect, the team got serious in doing something special. AButta & BigRich made more magic happen, along with Uttie, Shay,Smoothvette and others in the very beginning from 2007-2009 that 2 year run in the beginning was some of the best kind of team bonding that will ever happen.Throughout life, things change, the station changes, and people that's a part of our family will leave the nest eventually. The 2nd generation of people to come on board, and the extended family members began with a list of names that include Bmo, Babygirl, VPDeezy, Gav, Rahgeezy, Cuz from Tha Lou, Desert Eagle, Mr.Mo,  K.G and others who took on the belief in the station, and took pride in what was being provided in music, and entertainment, and also media. There's has been a good number of hosts, and co-hosts over the years, and I respect the time and efforts all parties has put in during their stay on Nexxlegacy. I also want to say that this is a passion of mines will never die. We all chose each other in some way, shape or form, and one thing we can say is we will continue to grow and evolve into a legacy that people will never forget. I want to thank all those who has appeared on the station as a guest. Also thanks to those who allowed me to push their legacy like SmokeAlot records (Yukmouth) and ThaOutlawz (EdiDon, Young noble, Fatal) also ThaRealest, Ice-Cube, Spinderella, Warlord, Jimmie Reign Hittman da Menace and many others. Think about it. 1000 shows in less than 5 years. Something to be proud of, something to build from. This is why we are Nexxlegacy. Everything we do, and everything we are is because of who we are and what were trying to build.

Thank you Staff, and thank you past Hosts, and also thank you to all the guests, and fans of what we do, because our gift to you is our effort to provide a Legacy you all can be proud of.
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Charles Madison
CEO - Nexxlegacy Radio